- Who delivers my item? 
Your items are delivered by our fulfillment center and will be forwarded to you through your local postal service.

- How can I track the progress of my package?
We currently do not have a tracking system but we are working to make this happen soon.

- Why haven't I received my item? 
Shipping can take anywhere from 14-35 business days or even longer, depending on your location and the hours of operation of your local post office. 
** The warranty period for the item is 50 business days and the buyer is eligible to return an order if the item has not yet been received.

-What are the delivery times? 
Items are delivered according to the terms of your local post office and are usually delivered during business hours. (Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm).

- What if no one is home? 
Don't worry, most of our items will be left in your mailbox if they are small enough and if the mailman does not have access to your mailbox, your package will be left at your local post office for you to pick up!

- Where do you ship from? 
We currently ship from our warehouse in Asia, which explains the delivery time.

- I have the wrong shipping address, what do I do? 
Don't worry, contact us immediately and we will be happy to update it.
Simply send us your corrected address with your order number and we will change your information.

-Change of address after receiving the delivery confirmation 
According to our terms and conditions, once an order has been shipped from our warehouse, any changes to the order cannot be made and are the sole responsibility of the buyer.


- I don't like my item, can I return it? 
Returns are accepted as long as they do not exceed 14 days from receipt of the package. However, all returned products must be in perfect condition and the return shipping costs must be paid by you. Proof of postage should then be emailed to us as proof of delivery. 
** Promotional items are not eligible for returns.

- Can you refund my shipping costs? 
Depending on the item and reason, refunds are allowed after review.

- Can I return the item and exchange it? 
As long as the returned item is in perfect condition, exchanges are possible. Just send us an email and we will take care of the rest.


- I changed my mind about my item, what should I do? 
If you have changed your mind about your order, send us an email indicating the item to be changed and we will make the necessary arrangements. Please note that any order changes must be made within 2 hours of the original purchase.

- Can I change my item after I receive the email confirmation? 
Unfortunately not. All items that have left our warehouse are final and cannot be changed.


-What is your refund policy?
All items purchased can be returned and/or refunded, subject to management's discretion and approval, under the following conditions:

- Return requests are accepted within 14 business days of delivery.

- All items must be returned in their original condition, delivered with all parts and tags.

- Damaged / defective / incorrect products can be exchanged.

- Cancellation of orders can be made prior to shipment of orders and management reserves the right to refuse any cancellations made after the items have been shipped and/or after 2 hours of the original purchase.

- Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

The management reserves the right to refuse any return/refund and each case is subject to the sole decision of the company.
The company will not be responsible for any errors in the shipping addresses provided by the customer and will be subject to the return of the product before receiving a refund.

Any address changes are subject to management approval and shipped/completed orders are strictly non-changeable.

- How long do refunds take?
Refunds can take up to 14 business days, depending on the payment system at time of purchase.

- I still haven't received my refund? 
Please notify us immediately by email if you have not received it after 14 business days.


- What should I do if I received a damaged item?
If you have received a damaged item, let us know immediately and you will have the option of a refund or exchange.


Promotional items

- Why do you have free items?
We strongly believe that style should be accessible to everyone. We often run temporary promotional item campaigns where you pay only for shipping. We work directly with the manufacturers and order in large quantities at the lowest possible price. We also have preferential rates for packaging and shipping.
It is by doing this that we get value in cross-selling and we hope you will come back to us for future purchases.

Emails & Notification

- Unreceived confirmation mail
If you have not received an email confirming your purchase, notify us immediately through our contact form with your full name, address and delivery city and we will help you fix the problem as soon as possible. 
Sometimes our emails may end up in your junk mail or other folders, we ask you to check them before contacting us.
- Partnerships and Sponsorships
We currently do not have any sponsorship or partnership programs. However, if you have any good ideas, please feel free to send us an email.
How can I contact you?
If you have any questions, please contact us on the Contact page.


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