The Inspiration

Our journey began with a dream. Samantha Edwards, our founder, was inspired by the unwavering dedication of her Japanese mother, Harumi, to her family's health and well-being. Despite living in Delaware, America, Harumi always ensured that her children had the freshest, most nutritious meals packed with love and care. She insisted on preparing meals at home, not merely for health reasons, but also to minimize the family's carbon footprint by avoiding the unnecessary waste associated with take-out meals.

One day, during a trip to Japan to visit relatives, Samantha was introduced to the concept of bento lunchboxes. She was fascinated by these compact, practical, and well-designed boxes, a stark contrast to the plastic bags and wasteful packaging she saw back home. Struck by this cultural difference, Samantha realized the potential for such a product in America - thus sparking the birth of

Our Mission

At, we aim to inspire better choices for on-the-go meals. We support individuals who wish to enjoy healthy meals and snacks while minimizing their reliance on single-use plastic packaging. Our products offer an attractive and environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional lunch packaging, ultimately contributing to a positive lifestyle change.

Meet The Team

Samantha Edwards, Founder - Samantha, a native of Delaware and raised with a strong influence of Japanese culture, has always been passionate about environment-friendly practices and designs. She saw potential in the Japanese bento boxes as a means to revolutionize how Americans approach their daily meals.

Yumiko Nakamura, Director of Imports - An e-commerce specialist hailing from Japan, Yumiko has been with since its inception. She plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between Delaware and Japan, handling all import logistics from over 25 different suppliers across Japan.

Join us in embracing the reusable revolution, in style!


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