Heated Lunch Box

Our collection of heated lunch boxes that will surprise you

What's a heated lunch box ?

A heated lunch box is a food box where you can put your cooked meals, in order to have hot meals at the office, at the construction site, at the picnic or during a trip.

It is also a particular type of heated lunch box, a utensil that you will use more often outside than inside the house, since it will be used to carry meals while allowing you to vary the menus. Sauce with dessert, rice, cold cuts, really any kind of meal can be placed carefully in this kind of box, before closing it hermetically.

Easy to use

Simply plug the heated lunch box into an electrical outlet. A few minutes later you can enjoy a nice little dish at its ideal temperature. What a pleasure to be able to eat hot at last, without wasting time, and without having to search or queue in front of a microwave.

The principle of the heated lunch box is not only very practical but also very simple to approach. If you have ever eaten a completely cold meal or snack, because there was no possibility to reheat it, you will immediately see the usefulness of such an equipment called the lunch box.

The particularity of this heated lunch box - previously useful only for storing food - is that it will now allow you to heat up a meal without taking it out of its container, and then enjoy it with a dish as appetizing as when it was first cooked.

The cooking inside a heated lunch box will be done with steam, which guarantees you a pleasant consumption, without altering the taste or the nutritional value of your food.

There are many advantages to owning a heated lunch box

  • Ease of transport and use
  • Very good preservation and isothermal function
  • No need to change the container to take your meals, because the box will act as a bowl
  • Saving time and appetite, with the possibility of consuming a variety of meals outside your home
  • Easy to maintain

The heated lunch box can have various aspects and designs, with one or more compartments to keep your food.

The heated lunch box is however always made of an insulating part which will be in plastic or stainless steel and which will allow not to burn you during the manipulation. This product is delivered with an electric cable that will connect to a wall socket.

Have you always dreamed of eating healthy and easily during your lunch breaks?

Discover our wonderful heated lunch box for a "healthy lunch"! Now you can enjoy a few moments of good hot food at the office or on the road.

What are the good reasons to choose our heated lunch box?

Say goodbye to gas station sandwiches and cold meals with our extraordinary heated lunch box! Our mobile lunch box is a must-have thanks to its practicality and cleverness. Now you can enjoy a hot lunch, whatever the season and in no time.

Our heated lunch box is very easy to maintain and transport. It optimizes heat transfer and preserves all the flavors of your food. Its material is robust and resists well to different shocks.

Our heated lunch box is also made of high quality materials, PP and stainless steel. The box is completely hermetic and BPA free. It is locked with extremely secure clips for optimal insulation and sealing.

Our heated lunch box is available in 220V version with a maximum power of 40W. It is easily plugged into a 12V or 24V cigarette lighter. It is a high quality model that can be connected to any type of car.

The current must-have model

Our range of heated lunch boxes will make lunch breaks more pleasant and healthy for nomads and professionals on the move. It's the perfect accessory to use whether you're in the office or on the road. It is available in several colors: white and green, white and orange or white and blue, white and pink.

Our heated lunch box models are capable of holding up to 1.1 liters of delicious food. Keep in mind that our heated lunch box is only for heating and keeping warm. You cannot cook your food with it. In short, you will finally be able to enjoy good homemade food in the best conditions, on all your trips.