Lunch Bag

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The lunch bag is increasingly used in many occasions, even inviting itself in schools and at work. Indeed, a home-made lunch is not only the best financial choice but also the best choice for our health. This reflects the evolution of our society, concerned about ecology and the environment but also about the nutritional quality of our plates.

The lunch bag is the useful accessory to keep meals at the right temperature. It preserves the temperature of the meals that are placed in it for a few hours, to allow to have a hot or cold meal, so as to reduce the risk of production of bacteria on certain foods.

Moreover, the lunch bag allows you to carry your meal everywhere. The lunch bag is useful for an individual, but also allows the transport of a family meal. Available in several formats, it is the ally of quality food for a student, worker or for a whole family during a picnic. Even your child can have its own cooler bag!

A lunch bag has an inner lining made of EPE Cotton laminated aluminum to optimize the temperature preservation of the contents. The material of the outer lining can vary depending on the manufacturer (polyester, printed fabric). The closure also changes depending on the shape and size, either with a zipper or a scratch. In any case, all designs of this type are very resistant, waterproof and lightweight.

What are the advantages of using a lunch bag?

Healthy eating

Eating in the cafeteria at work can quickly become an ordeal for various reasons such as for exemple a particular diet: whether for health reasons or personal choice (vegan, vegetarian..), it is not easy to find dishes that correspond to our desires and needs. The advantage of bringing your own home-made meal with or without a lunch bag is that you can compose your own menu with foods that you like and that suit your diet.

This also allows you to manage the quantity and to put in your hermetic box, the portion that suits your appetite, neither more nor less. No more waste with your accessories and your lunch bag!
Using a lunch bag is the assurance of eating a healthy and nutritious meal.

A time saver

When you arrive at break time, you are often very hungry! You have worked all morning and you don't want to waste time. A lunch bag allows you to avoid queuing at the work or university canteen, getting out of school to eat or rushing to find a cheap restaurant at lunchtime and long queues at a snack bar. With your lunch box in your bag, you will be able to eat as soon as your lunch break starts thanks to your lunch bag!

Ecological and environmentally friendly

Adopting a lunch bag means opting for the respect of the environment, which is essential. When you eat at the canteen or restaurant, this is not a problem. But when you decide to buy a sandwich, salad or other dish in a bakery or snack bar, there is bound to be packaging. Single-use cutlery and napkins that you throw in the trash after you finish your meal. There is an option of using reusable cutlery to be more ecological. Using a lunch bag does not pollute the environment. Unlike other plastic bags and pouches, you can reuse it until it wears out.

Save money

Bringing your own lunch saves money. We don't need to explain to you that cooking your own lunch is cheaper than eating at a restaurant or canteen. Take your meal in a lunch bag, and you will save money! Of course it takes a little time and organization, but at the end of the month you'll be happy to have saved euros!

Lunch bag models for all tastes and styles

Our lunch bags are made of high quality materials, offering a good thermal resistance to keep food hot or cold. A lunch bag is the ideal accessory to carry your food and keep it at the right temperature whatever the season! Our range of lunch bags includes many models with various colors, volumes and shapes.

You now have all the cards in your possession to choose the lunch bag that suits your needs.