Bottle Brush <br>Nylon
Bottle Brush <br>Nylon
Bottle Brush <br>Nylon
Bottle Brush <br>Nylon

Bottle Brush

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  • A famous brush for your famous bottle!

    It is imperative that you purchase this Brush for your Isothermal Bottle. This model will allow you to clean the inside of your Bottle to remove bad odors. Its chained Metal handle will offer flexibility and its Nylon brush will be able to clean the inside of the container without damaging it. 

    Collection : Accessories

    • Materials : Sheathed metal ( handle ) + Nylon ( brush )

    • Dimensions : Length 30 cm - Brush diameter 5 cm

    • Use: bottle cleaning

    • Color: random

    • Quantity: 1 piece sent

    How to keep a clean bottle brush?

    A bottle that is stored or not used, always keep it open. Unscrew the cap and keep it next to the bottle. This way you will avoid smells, your bottle will be aired and will not taste bad. If you don't use it often, a simple rinse with water will be enough before putting your drink.

    After using your bottle, rinse it with very hot water and let it dry naturally. Don't forget to rinse your cap as well. If you rinse it after each use, especially after having put sweetened, acid, vitaminized drinks, tea, coffee (for the isothermal bottles)... you will not have any concern to keep your bottle clean.
    Wash your gourd thoroughly

    For a good cleaning (or scouring, depending on the maintenance you have done!), it is better to do it by hand. A bottle brush, swab or bottle brush and hot water are sufficient for a regularly cleaned bottle.

    If you have left your drink lying around for too long, if there are stains (due to sugar, acidic drinks, tea...) or if some oxidation forms in your bottle, it is better to use special bottle cleaning tablets, to let them work for a while, to clean with a brush and finally to rinse your bottle thoroughly. As for regular maintenance, let it air dry and store it always open.

    Don't forget to clean the stopper, especially the sport stoppers, children's stoppers or the large ice cube stoppers, which are often made of several parts fitted together.
    The bottle in the dishwasher?

    Most bottles are dishwasher safe, but dishwasher cleaning is not very effective because of the narrowness of the cap. Better to use a little elbow grease. But if you rinse your gourd after each use with hot water, you shouldn't have to scrub too hard!

    Detergent is not recommended for water bottles (you are not going to wash your dishes without a dishwashing liquid for your bottle!) and the outside of the bottle will get damaged faster in the dishwasher.
    Last tips by the way

    A water bottle is made to carry your drink, not to store it! Do not let drinks ferment in your bottle.

    Keep bottles by the sink. After using your gourd during the day, a little splash of very hot water in the gourd when washing the dishes and you won't need to scrub it too often.