Wooden Lunch Box

Classy, ecological, elegant, design ... Wooden lunch boxes will seduce you!

A range of wooden lunch boxes that allows you to take your balanced meal anywhere!

Why should you buy a wooden lunch box?

This material is light, which makes it easy to carry. Its great advantage is that it can be put in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. It is the most ecological wooden lunch box and has a very original design, which brings us closer to nature.

Its resistance will allow you to eat without burning yourself and to take it everywhere quite easily. So do not hesitate to acquire the portable wooden lunch box to use it for every meal outside your home. You will only have to clean it between each meal to enjoy a simple, durable and long-lasting use. To be in aggrement with your philosophy of zero-wasting, you can use wood cutlery that can be used many times.

Ecological, Eco-friendly

Making a contribution to the planet has never been easier. Adopt a reusable and washable container. In addition to being ideal for protecting our environment, the wooden lunch box will considerably reduce food waste. No more food going to waste! Now you can take it to work in your beautiful lunch box.

Often lunch is neglected and we eat a sandwich, fast food or ready-made meals. This diet is not recommended for your health and it drains all your energy. In order to be fit and productive throughout the day, it is necessary to have a better lunch.

By opting for a lunch box, you choose the meal you want to eat and you will no longer depend on the fast food present in your workplace. Taste the pleasure of preparing your delicious meal in advance and eat healthy every day! The wooden lunch box is a unique design, you will carry your lunch in a beautiful lunch box and surprise your colleagues by showing that it is easy to eat balanced every day!


As you have understood, the wooden lunch box is much more than a simple lunch box. Opting for a lunch box is choosing to protect our beautiful planet and to be trendy every day. A unique style resides in each of us. From now on, wooden lunch boxes have no more secrets for you. You are familiar with its history, its different models and its use to eat healthy every day.

In addition to a healthier diet, you will cultivate your difference by having a wooden lunch box with a unique design. More than just a lunch box, the lunch box is a lifestyle. Your daily diet is important to stay in shape: don't neglect your lunch when you are at work.

That's why we suggest you adopt one of our great lunch boxes. This way, you'll be sure to save money, eat a balanced diet and do something good for our planet.

Discover now our wooden lunch boxes, you have a wide choice with different styles !