Water Bottle

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Everyone needs a water bottle

A water bottle is a small portable container designed to carry water or any other drink. It is strong and reusable. The gourd allows to keep water, a vital element for the survival of the man. It is an image of life, of survival. In movies or cartoons, it allows to place suspense in a scene.

Not only water ...

Any water bottle will fit in many situations, including the car (it fits in the cup holder) or the gym (you can add a sports cap or a silicone bumper sleeve). It can be filled from a water fountain with a smoothie, fresh juice or soda, prepared at home, or by a waiter behind the counter at a coffee shop.

Daily life accessories

Water bottles are part of our lives. They have become a part of our daily routine, along with our keys, cell phone and wallet. Water bottles weren't always such complicated objects, even if we are easily lulled into a nostalgia for simplicity, we think the ubiquity of these reusable bottles is not such a bad thing.

Generally made of plastic or metal, more rarely of skin or glass, a water bottle has a capacity of between 0.5 and 2 liters. Several opening systems exist. There are bottles with a safety device on the neck and others with a simple screw-on cap. To prevent the risk of losing the cap. A water bottle is appreciated in sports, especially hiking, for its solidity and its reusability.

The advantages of using a water bottle

Ecological & Environmental friendly

The water bottle is sometimes considered as a way to reduce the consumption of plastic containers. It is economical, durable and allows today's consumers to make an ecological gesture. Indeed, the gourd allows to reduce its ecological footprint, we can fill it with any liquid.

It can be reused as many times as you want. Nowadays, you can find them in different sizes and colors. It is a product very appreciated by the young people where we see more and more in high school and university, students using a gourd to drink. A good gesture for the planet.


It is essential to be well hydrated. Our bodies are mostly made up of water, so it is important to drink water regularly. Try drinking small amounts of water regularly throughout the day for a few days, you will soon feel a sense of well-being.

When you feel thirsty, you won't have to look for a store that sells mineral water. You will just have to go to the nearest water point and fill your water bottle. Ecological and economical at the same time! Who says better?

Easy to transport

It is portable by a person who must move. The gourd allows you to conserve water, it will allow you to drink directly from the pipette without having to stop. A water bottle will be carried in a specific pocket of your backpack, and its use will be close to that of a water bottle: therefore less practical than a water bag.

The water bottle in our collection have several shapes, colors and sizes on the market. A wide choice is therefore proposed for you according to your needs, budget, but also tastes of everyone: stainless steel, glass, with cover, isothermal, filtering, original to each his bottle and to each his design for a unique bottle.