Tropical Collection

Tropical is always a source of dream for many of us ... Let's enjoy the tropical collection !

Preserve the temperature of your drinks with our Tropical collection

The stainless steel insulated bottle offers the means to return to a balanced hydration, while varying the pleasures: according to our mood of the day, the needs of our body, within the framework of a temporary diet with a tropical smoothie or... to remain with the point of the tendency drinks! Because drinking is not only about hydration or quenching your thirst with a stainless steel bottle, it is also about feelings: comfort, conviviality, well-being... so many emotions that can be brought to the office.

It is one of the best sellers today. The stainless steel isothermal bottle keeps hot liquids for more than 12 hours, and cold liquids for more than 24 hours. Its performance is more than enough for a day's work or a sports session.

But it is not its technical features that make this stainless steel isothermal bottle one of the best. Indeed, the best asset of the stainless steel bottle is its look. It is available in several colors and patterns that suit all styles and tastes of the most demanding customers. This product is safe to use because it is designed not to wear out or rust. The stainless steel insulated bottle is guaranteed to be eco-friendly and BPA-free. Durable and easy to clean due to the quality manufacturing material.

The stainless steel bottle is also ideal for sports!

Whether you are a seasoned or occasional athlete, during exercise your muscles produce heat, you sweat, in short, you lose water. So to avoid cramps or any other problem, it is essential to stay well hydrated. This is where the stainless steel isothermal bottle comes in and becomes your best ally for hydration. There is a wide range of all-terrain models for all sports.

Healthy and safe, it can hold all your drinks, mineral water or homemade energy drinks. Very light and easily transportable, the stainless steel isothermal bottles for sports think of everything.

Eco-friendly, economical, very functional, in summer or in winter, stainless steel isothermal bottles offer you the luxury of drinks ideally preserved throughout the day. So for the best choice, discover without delay our collection of the stainless steel isothermal bottle with all our flagship products. Very ingenious and stylish, they are sure to seduce you!

For you, for your children, for your family, for hiking, for work... no secret, choosing the right stainless steel bottle is first of all knowing its use.

Children or adults, your water needs are not the same. It is therefore likely that your child does not need a 1 liter stainless steel bottle. Prefer smaller sizes that are less heavy and less cumbersome.

Think practical and choose a stainless steel insulated bottle adapted to his mode of transport: in your backpack, in your handbag, hung on your bike... it's up to you! There are models for everyone and all uses.