Top Sales

The accessories and articles intended for the nomadic meals are more and more appreciated, in particular by the followers of the home-made preparations. As a proof, discover the top sales of these last years for these products.

Which top sales is made for you

Various containers for outings

The containers are the most sold products and are part of the top sales, to mention only the isothermal bag (jeans fashion, pink flamingo, Scandinavian vintage, beach fish). The exterior of these bags are made of a resistant material, either oxford fabric or other quality and durable fabric, hence the rush of buyers to these products.

The neoprene bag (clover, flamingo night or fashion cat) is another popular product. Light and resistant, it is a container that allows you to have a meal within reach, regardless of the temperature of the food. On the other hand, the isothermal backpack is also part of the top sales as it is both practical and functional. Lunch boxes are also among the most popular items in our store. Many buyers have had a penchant for the ecological lunch box Bento, with double compartment, the ecological lunch box cartoon or the isothermal lunch box stainless steel shell.

Isothermal bottles, mugs and water bottles

The isothermal bottles are very fashionable products, but the models particularly sold are those with tropical patterns, flowers, and camouflages. With capacities ranging from 350 to 1000 ml, they become a daily companion for many of us.

In the same collection, you can also find in the top selling line, the isothermal mug in all shapes (rebel cat, stainless steel glass infuser, bamboo) and sizes (350 or 600ml). We also love the isothermal water bottles, infuser water bottles and children's water bottles of all capacities.

Various accessories

Consumers do not skimp on the purchase of accessories, among others, the wooden bottle brush that is used for the cleaning and maintenance of isothermal bottles. Cutlery, picnic baskets and tablecloths, and coolers are also among the most requested items by customers. If you want to be our distributor, don't hesitate to choose among the articles of our Top Sales!