Lunch Packs

Take your lunch to work with ease with our ultra light and convenient lunch bag. You can also take it on a trip or simply use it to keep your water and lunch cool. An ideal lunch bag for all your outings!

What can you use our lunch bag & insulated bottle pack for?

Our lunch bags can considerably keep your food cool for many hours. Their ultra practical side will seduce you, they are easy to carry and store thanks to their super convenient carrying handles. Our lunch bags are waterproof and easy to maintain. Their durable and resistant sides allow you to be eco-responsible.

Our insulated bottles can keep your drinks cool for up to 24 hours. They can also keep them warm for up to 12 hours. Please note that it is strictly not recommended to put them in the dishwasher. They are very easy to maintain. You will only have to clean it with baking soda or only with hot soapy water using a non-abrasive support.

Models of lunch bag & insulated bottle kits for all needs

Our inseparable lunch bag & bottle insulated pack exist in several models and colors that will seduce you all. You have the choice between the tropical black blue, chroma or tropical flowers. By way of our Scandinavian vintage blue packs. There are also electro yellow spray packs, matte sky blue, satin pink, red spray jeans. If you're a pink fan, choose our pink heart design packs or Scandinavian pastel pink spray, tropical black pink. And of course, the fashion cat rebel mug pack for you who love cats.

You will find all shades, capacities and sizes. Our lunch bags can hold up to 8 liters, while for our isothermal bottles, it's up to 500 ml. In addition to being environmentally friendly, you could also save money with our best value packs. Get your lunch bags and insulated bottles now!