Picnic Blanket

The picnic blanket is practical and user-friendly. It is always nice to have it available for outdoor meals with family or friends. Its design offers you a country setting to not stand out in the middle of nature. Our selection of tablecloths will make you fall in love with them because they are unique.

A tablecloth, the essential for your outings

We offer you beautiful tablecloths to spread out during your family picnics. You can also use it for your romantic outings. You just have to choose the right place for your tablecloth to take advantage of it and sublimate your outdoor outing. A picnic tablecloth can be multipurpose. It can be used to rest or to read a good book. You can also put your young children on it to play or sleep.

In addition, the picnic tablecloths in our collection are lightweight and easy to fold. So you can easily carry them wherever you want. It doesn't take up much space in your bag. So you won't have too much trouble even on long trips. You can enjoy all the fun of nature with our picnic tablecloth. You can gather around, drinking your drinks and enjoying your favorite dishes. It can be as practical as a table.

Our durable and captivating picnic tablecloth designs

The tablecloths we have in our collection are waterproof, so they are resistant to water and moisture. You won't be afraid of spilling your drinks or rain if it rains. The picnic tablecloth can withstand any wear and tear. It is easy to clean. Our tablecloths are made of oxford fabric and PVC. Others are made of acrylic and PVC. The little extra is that our tablecloths have a handle or a carrying strap. They are available in several colors, patterns and sizes.