Picnic basket

As soon as the sun comes back out, we all want to get away and enjoy some time in the great outdoors. To accompany you during these outings, think of the picnic basket. Discover all the good reasons to fall for this bucolic and practical accessory because more and more brands are getting into the business today, that it becomes difficult to discern the good picnic baskets from the bad ones, especially if you have never bought one before. With the tips we offer in this buying guide for the best picnic baskets, you can be sure to find the right one for you.

What are the criteria for choosing a picnic basket?

Which picnic basket suits you

Before you start looking for where to buy a new picnic basket, it's best to start by specifying what you want to do with it. You won't make the same choice for a family outing, running errands or keeping things.

This type of picnic basket is ideal for bike rides (don't forget an ice bread to keep cool drink), car rides or walking. It is sturdy and can hold all the weight needed for a good family meal. To sit down, do not forget a picnic blanket to enjoy the nature. In some cases, you will be able to see this type of small advice on a price comparison. Indeed, be aware that the more versatile a picnic basket can be, the more likely it is to be a bit more expensive than other items in its range.

For everyday use, we recommend investing in a picnic basket that is both lightweight and durable. The great thing about picnic baskets is that you can naturally combine ease and style.

Different picnic basket type

When thinking about a picnic basket, we often tend to think that size is the only thing that differentiates the models offered by different brands. However, fortunately for consumers, there are several types of picnic baskets available on the market like wicker basket, fabric basket etc ...

The main difference lies in their general shape, some are "standard", while others can have a more original style, especially those that are "suitcase" type. The latter are mostly used for large families or those who need a lot of space to carry all their stuff in one picnic basket. For organized people, a lunch box stored in a picnic basket is very practical.

There are also those that are specially designed for bicycles, their balance has been worked on so that you won't have any stability problems while riding. In terms of size, you will have to delineate your needs to start with and choose according to that, there are some for two, four or even six people.

Strap materials

Before you focus on how to buy a best value picnic basket, it's best to look at this last point. Straps are among the most important elements of a picnic basket's structure. Just in terms of their placement, there are several possibilities. There are those that are placed on top to keep the same position during transport, which is convenient to avoid spilling sauces.

Leather, wicker, fabric are materials that must be present in the manufacture of a traditional picnic basket. If you want to continue this tradition and invest in authenticity, you can turn to these little gems. Some brands opt for faux leather on some of their picnic baskets to ensure durability, while saving you a higher price. Also in this vein, you can find cotton straps for a little touch of originality.

The average price of picnic baskets varies from $9, for the simplest, to nearly $80 for those intended to carry a meal and cutlery for several people.