Picnic equipment

Going on a picnic is a great way to relax and enjoy nature. Even if you're outside, it's possible to use the same utensils and be as comfortable as at home. Sitting at the table or on the grass with a picnic blanket, you will enjoy your moment. In this category, discover all the accessories which can be useful for your excursions.

Baskets and tablecloths for delicious Picnics

The picnic basket is classical for all outdoor picnics. They are organized and isothermal containers for an optimal preservation of food. Made of resistant materials, they are light and waterproof. They are equipped with rotating and folding handles to optimize storage, and the zinc alloy that composes this part confers more resistance. With a volume of 28 to 30 liters, they can accommodate the meal of several people with cutlery and drinks.

Our picnic tablecloths are made of Oxford fabric and PVC or acrylic and PVC with integrated foam, hence their resistance and impermeability. Foldable, lightweight, compact and moisture resistant, they are easily transportable for various outdoor uses. You can choose the dimensions that suit you according to the number of users. As for the colors, you have access to a range of colors suitable for outdoor use.

Coolers, ice packs and sauce bottles

Flexible coolers are part of the products for outdoor use. They are suitable for transporting and storing food, thanks to their waterproof isothermal coating. This way, you will have food at the right temperature for your picnic. With retractable handles, these coolers can be easily stored and transported in the same way. You can choose from 18, 20, 24 and 34 liter capacities.

Ice packs are also a must for your outings. They are intended to keep your drinks cool for the duration of your excursions. This accessory exists in various formats and dimensions, either in mini of 150 ml or in special bottle or single of 600 ml. These accessories are reusable as long as they are well frozen before use.

We also have in the category of picnic accessories, bottles for sauce. These items are also necessary to have a good seasoning of the dishes, especially since they come in various sizes for all needs. We must not forget the cutlery that exists in stainless steel and bamboo supplied with a suitable cover.

Economical and healthy picnic accessories

All the products are made of resistant materials, and especially for food use. This is the case for the bottles and cutlery. As for the coolers and baskets, all materials are safe for food use.