Neoprene bag

Carrying meals is a common practice in everyday life. Due to lack of time, to respect a specific diet or simply to take care of your health, it is advisable to bring your own meals every time you go to work or to school. Therefore, a neoprene bag could be useful. Discover the model adapted to your need on our store.

A bag made of a material with multiple advantages

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material based on polychloroprene. It is a material resistant to ozone and hydrocarbons (oil or gasoline). This material is very strong and highly resistant to corrosion, while being light. Having a thermal insulation property, it is also very elastic and strong. These qualities have made a neoprene bag an ideal container for carrying meals.

Good reasons to buy a neoprene bag

The neoprene bag is a practical accessory as it has an insulating, light and resistant property. Moreover, a bag made of neoprene benefits from a certain robustness. Of course, it is not totally waterproof, but it allows to keep the temperature of its content long enough.

Our different models of neoprene bag

The range of neoprene bags is shaped like a lady's bag, lunch bag style, with carrying handles. This accessory has a polyester texture and is equipped with a zip closure. Its well thought-out dimensions allow it to accommodate an individual meal, with cutlery.

Many designs are available to suit all tastes. The followers of the fashion style will be able to find their account, as well as the nature lovers, and the most romantic.

By opting for a neoprene bag, you choose a trendy accessory with a modern design. Even better, you have an original accessory to keep your meals at the right temperature, while fighting against pollution as it is reusable.