Luxurious Insulated Water Bottle

Adopting the reusable bottle on a daily basis is a real contribution to the protection of the planet against pollution. As such, the range of Isotherm bottle offers you the possibility to drink hot or cold, while being able to choose the type of drink, tea, coffee, juice or smoothie. It is a design isothermal bottle that allows you to have an assertive style for a remarkable identity.

A range of character for a strong personality

The Prestige isothermal bottle is a collection of stainless steel flasks, practical to have a hot or cold drink while traveling. You can put in it fruit juice, mineral water, infusion, smoothie, or coffee or tea. This bottle can accompany you everywhere, at work or at home, in the car, or during your hikes, to be your daily health partner.

The isothermal bottle is made of a material that is compliant with the food industry, which is also solid and reusable. Regular maintenance is all that is required to ensure the product's longevity, i.e. cleaning with a botlle brush before and after each use. Note that this bottle is not dishwasher safe.

Isothermal bottle with a modern and trendy look

The Prestige isothermal bottle has a modern and trendy look, in various matte or glossy colors for even more style. As for the cap, it is a hermetic cap allowing more insulation to the bottle whose capacity is 500 ml. The capacity to maintain the temperature when hot varies from 6 to 12 hours, and when cold, it can go up to 24 hours.

The Prestige range of insulated bottles is aimed at people who want to hydrate themselves in the right way and for pleasure on a daily basis. Moreover, with the color gradient of some models, you can have a more stylish container for your outings. In short, it is an eco-friendly bottle that allows you to take care of your health and that of the earth at the same time.