Kid's Water Bottle

A children's water bottle collection for the little ones

The child's water bottle is the ideal accessory to stay well hydrated in any occasion. Resistant, practical and easy to use, the water bottle fits in a bag or a school bag and allows to carry its favorite drink to school, to the sport, on an outing or on a trip.

Environmental gesture

In order to better respect the planet, we develop a range of durable and resistant water bottles. The soft colors of this collection, decorated with cute animals, make all children want to stay hydrated. The children's water bottle is very easy to use from the age of two. It is also practical for parents as it is dishwasher safe. Those who like its design can complete the range with a pretty matching tableware. A collection to discover urgently.

Why buy a reusable children's bottle?

The child's water bottle is a smart and useful purchase that allows your child (but also the parents) to always have a drink at hand. More than a simple fashion accessory, the child's water bottle is also a zero waste accessory that avoids the use of plastic bottles or containers that are not safe for children's health. With its properties, the gourd allows to easily carry cold drinks during the summer as well as hot drinks during the winter. Children's water bottles are also a product of choice at mealtime to avoid spills. With its reduced size and its resistance, the child's water bottle will find its place in all school bags, changing bags and strollers.

What are the advantages of using a child bottle?

The child's bottle is known to accompany children during the outings to the park, to the swimming pool, to the school... As soon as your children are outside, it allows them to hydrate themselves with a drink kept cool in complete autonomy and safety. The child's water bottle protects your child's health. You can also keep this accessory for many years. The water bottle accompanies your child in all sports activities. If you don't want to fill it with water, you can put puree or compote, mixed fresh fruit or yoghurt in the bottle.

  • The child's gourd is more economical than the water bottle, only one use. By reducing your expenses, you also make a gesture for the planet and the ecology.
  • The ease of cleaning the bottle: the child's bottle is an object that can get dirty very quickly. It is easy to clean inside. A bottle whose parts can be easily dismantled is easier to clean by hand. In this case, a dishwasher is not necessarily a must. So look carefully at this point to make your life easier and ensure the longevity of the bottle.
  • The ease of use of the child's bottle: a two or three year old child does not have the same dexterity as an adult. Therefore, think that what is easy for you is not necessarily easy for your little one. So choose a water bottle adapted to his age, especially in terms of the opening system.

Available in several colors and patterns, if your child falls in love with a model, you can please him with the child's bottle he wants. It will certainly make jealous in the playground!
Whether you have a girl or a boy, depending on the age of the child, choose the child's bottle you want.