Kids nomad meals

Discover our best lunch boxes for your child, for healthy and colorful meals!

A lunch box is a very practical box to carry your meals and snacks. Aesthetic, but also hygienic, the lunch box protects the homemade meals throughout the day or while waiting for the lunch break for your little boy or girl.

Convenient for a parent who cares for children

Adopting a lunch box for a child is an art that many parents indulge in. And it's no accident! The food box forces you to arrange the food well and even transform it. Thus, you can create a whole incredible universe for your children who, all to the joy of eating will perhaps not realize that he feeds on what he refuses to swallow in normal time like, carrots, cheese, and green beans! A kid's lunch box will make your life easier, rest assured!

You have decided to (re)take your child's lunch in hand. Prepare a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal. Put a complete meal in his lunch box. But there is a first problem: you have to change his box! Opt for a child's lunch box, which will keep his meal warm until noon or cool in the case of a salad. It's time to choose the ideal lunch box for your children. Very practical, colorful and fun, they will be able to enjoy home-made lunches or snacks. Your lunch boxes will last a long time and moreover... they are dishwasher safe!

And if your child brings their lunch to school, you will make and your child will eat around 180 meals this school year. It's worth it to get a durable lunchbox. Slip a kid's lunch box in their school bag with a meal you can concoct with them that will help them maintain their focus throughout the day.

The advantages of lunch boxes for children

  • Easy openings thought for children: a simple propeller to turn clockwise. This patented innovation allows the child to open the lunch box in one movement.
  • Easy to use and wash: Dishwasher safe, even the propeller is detachable. Microwave compatible (except for the lid).
  • Certified materials: A plastic lunch box for meals without BPA or Phthalates. Certified food contact and suitable for children over 3 years.

The lunch boxes (bento and isothermal) are ideal for taking the child's meal everywhere in a safe and fun way. Compact, solid and airtight, the lunch box can be easily slipped into a bag and taken to school or out. Most offer several compartments for a balanced meal.

The lunch boxes can quickly become fun for your children, you can take care of the presentation. The compartments will give free rein to your desires and your imagination. The stainless steel lunch boxes with layers also allow you to separate hot and cold dishes. The ultimate tip: children's lunch boxes have a compartment reserved for cutlery. Say goodbye to lost forks or knives lying around at the bottom of the bag!

Thanks to the compartments, you will be able to offer a complete meal to your children. Each dish has its own compartment. There's no shortage of ideas.

While we're on the subject, there are compartmentalized lunch boxes! Ultra-resistant, made with food-grade materials, they are ideal for your breakfasts, lunches, snacks, etc. Also bento or tiered lunch boxes, you can separate sweet and salty foods, your desserts from your appetizers. Some children's lunch boxes offer a clip system adapted to your children for easy opening and closing. You won't have to worry about sauces overflowing, and you can even imagine concocting some purees, ratatouilles, without fear of leaks. Completely airtight, the food will easily keep all day long. In addition, with a special kid water bottle, your child will be the happier!

Of course, we have chosen to offer only lunch boxes made of quality materials, resistant to daily use, but above all, without toxic substances known to be harmful to health.

The quality of our products makes them durable containers. Thus, no need to change lunch boxes every year. And that's as good for your wallet as it is for the environment!