Isothermal bottles durable

Why should you choose an isothermal water bottle ?

It's time to do away with plastic bottles, opt for insulated water bottles! The water bottle is more respectful of the environment but also very practical! It will accompany you everywhere and the numerous models allow you to choose the design of your water bottle. You can take it to the office, during a walk in the summer, during your sports session, or even to accompany your long car trips... Thanks to your isothermal water bottle, you will be able to keep your drinks warm in winter and cool in summer. Indeed, its coating allows to maintain the temperature of your drink. Whether you choose to put water, coffee or fruit juice, the insulated bottle will become the essential accessory for your daily life! Insulated bottles are also nice gifts to offer to your loved ones.

What are the advantages of an isothermal bottle ?

The stainless steel isothermal bottle will give you many advantages. In addition to being trendy and stylish, the stainless steel water bottle is part of a zero waste approach. Reusable, it allows you to do away with plastic bottles. To do so, you just have to wash your bottle after use with a brush and refill it with the drink of your choice. In our category lunch box you will find all the articles in the same line reusable and always very trendy! And to go to the office or to make picnic the containers to be carried will be ideal: design and resistant.

Moreover, stainless steel is a very resistant material, which will allow you to keep your water bottle in good condition for a long time, even after the clumsiness of everyday life! It also allows you to keep your drinks at the right temperature for long hours! You can use your insulated stainless steel water bottle for your cold drinks as well as for your hot drinks! However, before putting hot drinks in your stainless steel bottle, make sure that the mention "isothermal" is well indicated.

Very practical also for the children! At school, at the sport, or for the week-end hike, choose a small water bottle for the children ! Very pretty with its different designs, it will accompany your little ones everywhere! As we all know, kids love to eat, be prepare to give them food with they own lunch box.

How to choose an isothermal water bottle ?

Beyond the design of your water bottle, several criteria should be taken into account to ideally choose your isothermal bottle.

In order to have enough water always at hand, the type and size of your water bottle should be well adapted to your needs. In what situation and for what kind of activity will your water bottle serve you the most? The capacity of your water bottle will vary from 26 cl to more than 1 liter! It is up to you to define the most adequate size according to your consumption. Naturally, the bigger the bottle, the heavier and more cumbersome it will be.

You can also choose your water bottle according to the type of closure. Indeed, water bottles are offered with a wide choice of closures. Screw caps need to be unscrewed before drinking. The most sporty bottles are therefore, for more convenience, delivered with a sport stopper, with a spout or a folding mouthpiece, with or without a straw.

How to clean your isotheral bottle ?

To wash your insulated bottle, you must first rinse it with clean water after each use and clean it every 2/3 days with soapy water. To make cleaning easier, opt for the brush!

Of course, the frequency of cleaning will also depend on the type of drink in your cooler. Are you going to drink water or a sweet drink? In the case of chocolate or syrup, it is highly recommended to clean it after each use!

To clean your thermos perfectly, pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda into your isothermal mug, fill it with hot water and close the cap, shake it vigorously, leave it for about 1 hour, rub it with a brush or a small soft brush, rinse it with warm water and dry it.

Another important point: do not leave any liquid (especially if it is not water) inside for more than 3 days.