Insulated Water bottle

Taking care of one's health should be a priority for everyone in all seasons. That's why, some accessories such as the insulated water bottle can be a good idea. The insulated water bottle becomes an ally of health, whether we are in summer or in winter. Learn about the features and benefits of this innovative, practical and functional container.

The insulated water bottle in a few lines

The insulated water bottle is the magic bottle that keeps the temperature of your drinks. It is a bottle made of two layers of stainless steel of food quality to preserve the temperature stability. This is because the two bottles are separated by a vacuum to create thermal insulation. A hermetic closure reinforces the insulation to keep the temperature warm for 6 to 12 hours, and cold for 12 hours.

The advantages of the insulated bottle

The insulated water bottle is a practical and economical accessory, as it allows us to have our favorite drink on hand at all times. Tea, coffee, herbal tea, juice or water can be carried in this type of bottle, and at the right temperature. By avoiding going to the vending machines every hour, you make a definite saving.

On the other hand, by opting for an insulated water bottle, you contribute to the protection of nature, as the plastic bottle will no longer be part of your daily life. Even better, it helps you drink a healthy and varied diet. It is a way to be able to hydrate in a balanced way while being able to vary the pleasures according to our mood. It is also possible to drink hot herbal teas, vegetable juices or fresh natural smoothies, mate or cocktails. It is therefore a health and well-being accessory to hydrate and quench your thirst with pleasure.

Our beautiful models of insulated water bottle

The design is part of the advantages of the insulated water bottle. Our bottles are made of 304 stainless steel, which is a material specifically designed for food. The most common capacity for individual use is 500 ml, with a hermetic cap for optimal insulation. However, other capacities are also available including 350 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml. The gallon comes soon!

The insulated water bottle comes in various designs and colors to choose from depending on your tastes and the use you will make of your container. You can choose the classic format with tropical themes. The same goes for the colors, which are offered in many variations.

You also have the possibility to choose insulated bottles in series. You can then choose the capacities of the different containers according to your needs. As for the colors of this model, they are plain, but with bright colors giving a classy style and a beautiful design. Flashy colors are also available for the more daring, such as satin orange, spray yellow, spray sky blue or satin pink.