Insulated Backpack

An insulated backpack has an aluminum interior and a zipper that allows users to enjoy fresh meals even in the hot summer weather.

Take what you want and where you want with an insulated backpack

There are many models of insulated backpacks: small or large size for individual or group use, with integrated accessories, an adjustable shoulder strap or backpack straps ... In short, the insulated bag is above all functional and very practical.

What is the purpose of an insulated backpack?

Isothermal backpacks allow to keep drinks and food at the right temperature. They can help to transport frozen food from home to the place where it is to be stored, without losing its quality.

The capacity of an insulated backpack

When choosing your insulated backpack, determine what use you are going to make of it, this will make it easier for you to choose the capacity of your insulated backpack. You don't want to buy an insulated backpack that is too small and have to take a second bag for your shaker... Not very practical!

Advantages of insulated backpacks

Ease of transport

The insulated backpack is equipped with handles and something to carry it on your back. This makes it easy to carry and you can take your insulated backpack to lunch at your workplace, or for an occasional country picnic. Don't forget about picnic tableclothes & reusable cutlery to enjoy as many as possible a picnic.

Temperature balance

Having an insulated lunch can be essential for regulating the heat of the items you carry with you. For example, if you're carrying a cold room for a long distance, but need to make pit stops for groceries, the right way to do this is to pack these items in insulated backpacks. This will ensure that the temperature is regulated and will also ensure that the items do not spoil due to the temperature inside.


Using disposable plastic bags can be costly in the long run, but using insulated backpacks can be more cost effective to use in the long run. They are extremely economical to purchase and reduce their carbon footprint on the earth.

Tastier food

The temperature control of food stored in an insulated backpack can ensure that the food does not spoil and can be consumed at the desired temperature. Some foods are expected to be consumed at a certain temperature. For example, let's say you made a cold cucumber sandwich for your next picnic, you might be disappointed if the cold sandwich was no longer cold. So an insulated backpack plays a role in regulating the expected temperature in these bags makes the food tastier and more enjoyable to eat.

The isothermal backpack is the ideal accessory to carry your food and keep it at the right temperature whatever the season. All you have to do is place your order on our collection, the best qualities!