Infuser & brewer mugs

Everyone likes to carry their favorite hot drinks, this insulated mug is your best friend for that!

How to use a tea infuser mug?

Using a tea infuser mug is not difficult. But it varies a bit depending on the type and parts that make it up. They always include the brewing mug in question, a strainer and a lid. Some also have a second lid. This is the case with ceramic teacups. The reason for this is that the included ceramic lid is perfect for brewing tea, but it doesn't seal tightly, making it useless to take on a trip. That's where the second silicone lid comes into play in the infuser mug.

Metal or plastic mugs usually only have one lid, as it is already sealed. There are also sets that include a teapot, two cups and an infuser or a single infuser mug, like this one. These are great for travel, but not while traveling. In other words, you'll use them in a hotel while on vacation, but not during the car ride. We won't talk about these sets here, because that's not what we usually mean by "road trip tea cups" but simply an infuser mug.

How to use a mug brewer?

Container preparation

Here are the steps you need to follow to get the best results with your infuser mug. Of course, you can skip some steps to speed things up, like the first one, for example. Rinse the brew mug and filter in hot water to warm them up.

Content preparation

Fill the brew basket of the mug with the amount of tea leaves you want: generally, you'll need about one tablespoon for every 100 grams of water, but this will vary from tea to tea and also according to your taste.

Fill the infuser mug with hot water (boiling for black tea or infusion, 90° C for oolong, 85° C for green and 80° C for white).

  • Place the lid on the infuser mug (the ceramic lid, if you have two).
  • Brew the tea for the time indicated on the package (2 minutes if you don't have a package) and adjust the duration of subsequent brews to your taste (longer for strong tea and shorter for weak tea).
  • Remove the lid and filter from the mug; set the filter aside to reuse the leaves for another brew; you can usually get 3 to 5 brews with the tea leaves).
  • Replace the lid on the brew mug and prepare the cup for travel. If you have two lids, use the silicone one now.

See, that wasn't so hard, was it?

The hardest part of making tea is determining how much leaf to use and the correct brewing time. These vary greatly from tea to tea and according to personal preference, so nothing to do with using the mug brewer. They also vary for subsequent brews of the same leaves.

I always start with the recommendations on the package, then adjust them for subsequent brews. If I want a stronger tea, I use more leaves and/or increase the brewing time. If I want a weaker tea, I do the opposite.

Hoping that all helps you!