Insulated Mug & Infuser

An isothermal infuser mug which is also called a travel mug, is a stainless steel container. It can keep your drinks at the right temperature for many hours. We offer a wide range of isothermal mugs as beautiful as practical.

An isothermal infuser mug, a container with multiple qualities

This is a special mug that has isothermal properties and can also be used as an infuser. It is practical to maintain the temperature of your drink until consumption. For your information, an isotherm should always be filled to the maximum in order to optimize the temperature maintenance. If you usually drink your beverage quickly, keeping it warm for one hour will be sufficient. A small capacity infuser mug is ideal for small consumers. It is especially suitable for short trips or for your after-meal coffee fix.

However, if you like to take your time or if you don't have the possibility to serve yourself regularly, you will need a long lasting container. A medium capacity insulated mug usually keeps your drink warm for up to 4 hours. It is perfect for long distance travel or for work.

Our bright and attractive infuser mug designs

If you're a fan of infusions, our collection is here to satisfy your whims. We offer products that will allow you to consume your beverages no matter where you are. Our stainless steel infuser mug will allow you to enjoy the benefits of tea and your hot drinks at any time. It is available in several bright or soft colors. You can enjoy your drinks with style and pleasure. We also have among our collection a mug that imitates the military style, because each mug encourages everyone to be brave and combative.