Ice Cube Tray - Ice pack

An ice bar will keep food or drinks cool for a while. It will regulate the temperature of your food while you are on the go. It guarantees a longer life to the latter, in addition it is easily transported.

Ice packs to keep your food fresh

When picnicking, an ice pack is both practical and economical. Ice packs are essential to keep your food fresh for several hours. They are used to maintain the freshness inside a cooler or in an insulated bag. It is important to know that this function is optimized thanks to the presence of eutectic agents in the ice. The latter ensures the homogeneity of the surface temperature. In order to maintain the temperature of conservation, it is necessary to freeze the elements of the ice bread in an optimal way, during a sufficient time.

The special feature of our ice loaves

We offer practical ice packs to keep your food and drinks cool. The material of our ice bars is made of polymer resin for your health. The filling cap of our ice bread is unscrewable. The capacity and dimensions depend on the model. Blue, red, green...several colors are also available so that you have more choices.

Our ice bar is resistant and reusable. Before using it, it is important to put it in a freezer for at least 10 hours. You can then keep your fresh food and drinks at the original temperature. Come and buy our ice breads at convenient prices for the quality, and enjoy its use every summer outing!