Cooler Hand Bag

Designed to keep the cold but also the heat, Isothermal handbags are useful or even essential in a large number of situations. Whether it is to keep the temperature of food products, drinks or medicines, we now find them in all sizes. Isothermal handbags for adults and children, in plain colors or with an original design and pattern, for men and women.

The isothermal handbag, a real fashion accessory

With such a huge choice, it's hard to know which isothermal handbag to choose! If some of them seem to be the right size for your taste, are these famous isothermal handbags really efficient? To guide you in your choice, we collect quality isothermal handbags. They are among the best on the market today. Isothermal handbags are perfect for taking your meals to work, taking your lunch to the office, or keeping your children's snacks at the right temperature.

When and why use an isothermal handbag?

The isothermal handbag allows to maintain foodstuffs at their ideal temperature of conservation. They are very versatile isothermal handbags that can be used in many situations.


Thanks to waterproof zippers and high quality insulating materials, the insulated handbags keep both cold and warm. Meals, food and beverages are insulated and protected from outside weather conditions.

Daily life

The isothermal handbag can be used in all the occasions of the daily life: office, work, school... Its small size and the various colors proposed are intended for the active women, anxious to transport discreetly or with style their lunch.


An insulated handbag can be used to keep your lunch warm until lunchtime. By placing an insulated lunch box inside, when it's time for a break, you won't even need a microwave. Your lunch will always be perfectly warm, ready to eat.


By adding ice packs, the insulated handbag can also keep drinks, meats or salads cool. Some bags have a double compartment to carry a complete and balanced meal, with a hot dish and fruits and desserts kept cold.

Easy to carry

In addition to being lighter, an insulated lunch bag is much easier to carry. Even if you don't walk much, it's an advantage if you're going somewhere with a lot of terrain: uphill, downhill. You can easily carry everything you need easily in your insulated handbag and keep your food and drinks cool and warm.

Finally, the isothermal bag is mandatory!

As you can see, this type of insulated handbag has many advantages. No matter what your needs are, you can have a use for it. Not only do you keep warm but you can also take it just about anywhere. Choose what you need from our collection!