Plain Insulated Water Bottle

The insulated bottle has become a trendy hydration accessory for both youth and adults. It comes in many designs and among them is the plain version. You will not fail to appreciate the plain cooler for its classy lineage.

Better hydration guaranteed with a plain cooler

The insulated bottle is an accessory that allows you to have a drink of your choice, hot or cold, to hydrate yourself sufficiently and correctly. The plain isothermal bottle is proposed with a standard capacity of 500 ml, but is also available in a range of 4 bottles with a respective capacity of 350, 500, 700 and 1000 ml. Also, these volumes give you the opportunity to better hydrate yourself during family outings.

Even better, you can opt for two bottles at the same time, with two different drinks, as the temperature will always be maintained for 6 to 12 hours for a hot drink and up to 12 hours for a cold drink.

The isothermal bottle is made of 304 stainless steel for food use. The cap gives the accessory a total hermeticity. As for maintenance, it is washable with a brush, not corrosive, but not in the dishwasher.

Solid colors for all tastes

The elegance and style of the plain isothermal bottle have already seduced many users. Especially since it comes in a variety of colors ranging from plain to flashy.

The 500 ml bottle is available in several colors with matte, satin or spray touches for each color. Thus, fans of sober tones will find refined and charming models in matte. The more daring will choose flashy colors, such as turquoise, pastel pink, orange or blue, and even satin.

As for the plain isothermal bottle in series, it is presented in rather limited colors, either white, silver, gold, red, blue or black.