Bottle Brushes

Cleaning bottles is now easier than ever with the bottle brush. It's the safest way to remove all the dirt quickly and efficiently without damaging the container. You will find in our collection a quality bottle brush designed to last.

A bottle brush to make every cleaning and washing job easier

A bottle brush or bottle brush is made to simplify the cleaning of your hollow and deep objects. It will also allow you to clean your lemonade bottles or jam boxes for example to reuse them or to maintain the state of your gourds on a daily basis.

With a round tip, the bottle brush can be used with all types of water bottles or insulated bottle. With its very thin handle and soft bristles, it can fit into bottles with very narrow necks. Replace the disposable with the durable, a bottle brush is more resistant than a simple sponge. Nevertheless, remember to wash your bottle brush after using it so that its hairs can breathe. At the end of its handle, each bottle brush has a handle. Its function is to make it easier to hold.

Our bottle brush offer

You will have no more difficulties when cleaning your isothermal bottle or other, thanks to our bottle brush models. We have the equipment you need to clean your bottle, remove bad odors and debris inside your bottle.

We have a variety of bottle brushes made from different materials: wood, plastic or metal. You can choose the one that suits you. Thanks to their compact size, they are easy to carry and can be easily stored in your bag. Their rather aesthetic and elegant design will not look bad in your kitchen.

The nylon brush is practical but not aggressive. It will do you a lot of favors, because in addition to being environmentally friendly, it is healthier.