Bento Lunch Box

The bento lunch box has been very trendy for some time. From the old days to nowadays, their shape and use have completely changed. Nowadays, everyone can adopt one. Let's choose one for you!

A wide selection of products in the lunch box bento collection!

Origines & History

The bento lunch box has been used since the Middle Ages. The bento box originated in Japan and its purpose was to store rice. Nowadays, bento lunch boxes are mainly used for the same purpose except that we put various other foods other than rice in them. Bento lunch boxes are now known to the world. These modern boxes are made of high quality wheat straw and polygonal. They are durable and can be used in microwave ovens. Bento lunch boxes also provide thermal insulation which is especially useful for keeping your lunch warm throughout the morning. This way, you can enjoy a warm meal. The plastic materials are food safe and are perfect for the whole family.

Healthy & safeful

You can use these bento lunch boxes to quickly and easily prepare and store your meal and those of your family for example. Leak-proof and splash-proof, using these bento lunch boxes to carry lunch will never be a problem. Another feature is that the inner box is microwave safe. However, when reheating in the microwave, the lid should not be included.

Very practical, the bento lunch box allows you to enjoy a healthy, balanced and complete meal during your lunch break and save a lot of money in the long run.

Some of them are equipped with silicone sealing caps to seal all compartments and avoid any leakage during transportation. When they are compartmentalized, you can store many different dishes in the same compartment, whether they are sweet or salty, raw or cooked. The bento lunch box also has several ventilation points to allow water vapor to escape.


The bento lunch box can be placed in refrigerators and dishwashers without any problem. Cooking at home is the basis of the all-in-one food box, known for its convenience. The bento lunch box can help you maintain a healthier diet by offering you the opportunity to have a carefully prepared meal of the old. Understanding the concepts and understanding the benefits of using these boxes will allow you to choose your box from the best lunch boxes available today.

Meals are an important part of the body's functioning. But because of the different activities and errands, it is often very difficult to do so. To solve this problem, take your lunch everywhere you go with the convenient, durable and thermally insulated bento lunch box. Discover the ones that stand out this year. There are a variety of designs and patterns to choose from, and you are free to pick the one you like best.