Travel accessories are essential for travel lovers and globetrotters. They allow you to be well equipped during your travels. These accessories can accompany you everywhere thanks to their practicality and their non-bulky design.

Travel accessories to enjoy your lunch outside

To make your outings or trips even more comfortable, travel accessories are a must. These are practical utensils that can be carried anywhere. They can be nomadic cutlery for your meals. They are practical thanks to their travel cover. You won't have trouble storing them. This is a great alternative for travelers, because instead of using plastic cutlery that breaks easily, you allow yourself to eat with a knife, spoon, straw and fork. These cutlery items are all reusable.

You can find in our collection of bottles that are used to carry with more ease, the seasonings for your dishes in all simplicity. Simply for your salad dressings, homemade mayonnaise and other condiments into them without risk to your bag.

You can also bring a foldable picnic tablecloth, easy to take along for outdoor meals. To clean your accessories, we offer our nylon brush. It easily cleans the inside of each container without damaging it. The choice is yours, each piece of equipment has its own style.

Our travel accessories are both practical and quality

Come and discover our various travel accessories that are visually appealing. We'll give you the pleasure of enjoying your meals while traveling. The design of the stylish stainless steel cutlery and chopsticks is very elegant.

The materials of our travel accessories are of high quality. Our ice packs are made of polymer resin and our sauce bottles are made of FDA silicone. The handle of the cleaning brushes is made of metal and plastic and the brush is made of nylon. As for the tablecloths, they are made of washable and resistant fabrics like Oxford and PVC.