Looking for a lunch box? A bento lunch box? By adopting a lunch box you are committed to the environment, eat healthy and save money. The lunch box has existed for a long time in the world but has been left aside. However, in recent years, people want to eat better with home-made meals. The lunch box is making a comeback in the world and we offer you a collection with the best lunch boxes available. Whether you are looking for a lunch box for children or for adults, you will have the model you want. Moreover, whether you want to carry your lunch from home to work, to university or to sports, this type of lunch box (insulated or classic) is ideal.

(26) $17.75
(20) $24.99


Lunchbox Soup

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(8) $19.99

Bento Boxes

Silicone Lunch Box

(59) $29.99
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